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The race is won with a great strategy.Leadership starts with aligned goalsCEO and Executive Peer BoardsBook Yourself Solid®

The race is won with a great strategy.

Working together on a strategy forms businesses that win.

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Leadership starts with aligned goals

Are you focused on the right goals? Businesses that are engaged and aligned on the same goals, WIN!!!

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CEO and Executive Peer Boards

Do you want to ride the freedom highway while leading your company to increased profits?

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Book Yourself Solid®

The Book Yourself Solid® core philosophy is to guide business owners to fall in love with marketing. This revolutionary system has helped over 500,000 business owners in the last decade to get more clients, and enjoy more success.

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Seattle and Tacoma’s Premier Business Coach

We help business owners engage, align, and accelerate their companies’ growth!

Welcome to Prosperity Logic!

Execcutive coaching firmOur Prosperity Model is designed to change one person, one team, or one organization at a time to encourage collaboration, energy, and momentum.

Often times, we find that organizations are like two gears in motion.  Leadership or the “Driver” is rotating in a different direction than the rest of the team or “followers.” There is a certain amount of play or backlash required to mesh the gears properly.  If there is too much play, it is called “slop” or if there is too little backlash, the gears are jammed and this creates friction.

When we work with you, our Prosperity Model becomes the idler to create engagement, alignment, and focus. This allows the driver and the followers to rotate in the same direction with the correct amount of play, so you can ride the freedom highway.

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