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You may be asking yourself, “Why Prosperity Logic?”

The quick answer is, We’ve been there!  We’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Over the years, we’ve fought through the struggles of building a business while trying to ride down the road on lopsided and sometimes even flat tires.  With the help of our own coaches, like New York Times Bestselling Author and Coach, Michael Port, International Bestselling Author and Coach, Patrick Snow, and Dr. Shayne Tracey and Imelda Butler at the Odyssey Consulting Institute,  we’ve developed a business model that is sustainable for all small businesses.  From the solopreneur, to larger organizations with over 500 employees, we have a proven Prosperity Logic business model that will create engagement and alignment to accelerate your business to the next level.

Soaring on Your Freedom QuestOur mission is to partner with our clients (you) to help them (you) achieve wealth by establishing and executing on priorities which enhance asset value.

We understand that everyone defines wealth differently.  For some it may be more money.  Others may want more time, improved relationships, or even better health.  Some may want all of the above and then some. Regardless, you are probably on a quest for freedom.  You are either running to get away from an issue or challenge that is holding you back from growing to the next level or running towards your dream of what you think life and business should look like.  As the leader of a company, it’s lonely, often times uncertain, and you have no one to challenge you or hold you accountable for leaving your problems behind or delivering on the future your desire.

Like I said, we’ve been there.  We understand and we want to be your coach, mentor, and more importantly, your partner.  We will walk beside you, encourage you, and when needed, even pull you along to help you achieve the freedom and wealth you desire.

We enjoy motorcycles, so expect a motorcycle analogy or story.  If motorcycles aren’t for you, that’s okay.  We’re here to support your success and to make you and your company have a safe ride on your freedom quest.

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